Appointment only.
Temporary opening hours are:
Monday - Sunday: 10am – 4pm

Important COVID-19 update

The wellbeing of our customers, retailers, suppliers and employees is our highest priority.
For the precautions we are taking to prioritise your wellbeing, see our COVID-19 update and Vodafone level 4 operational conditions.

COVID-19 update >

Vodafone entry conditions:
• When you arrive, you will need to sign in at the manned Security desk located on level 1 near entry from ASB and Countdown (entry 1).
• You will be able to only enter if you have an appointment with Vodafone, please have your appointment proof ready and ID
• Security will inform Vodafone about your appointment and then escort you to the store
• When you depart (escorted out by Vodafone staff) you must leave the same way you came in and sign out at the security desk
• Only one person at a time will be able to enter the store

Visit us

Level 1

Enter at Hollywood Bakery, next to 2Degrees, near to centre court

See on map

Enter via the St Lukes Road Car Park