3 coffee spots you need to try


3 coffee spots you need to try

As coffee lovers, we don’t just look for a morning kick of caffeine to start our day. We want an enjoyable cup of the good stuff and finding the perfect place is often a task of trial and error. We have put together some of our top coffee spots for you to enjoy while you're shopping with us!

Presshouse Coffee

Selling locally roasted L’affare coffee, Presshouse Coffee is a cosy café located on level two. Serving delicious hot coffee, along with a range of cabinet food, Presshouse Coffee is a must stop café when you are in our centre.

The Coffee Club

As an iconic chain that stretches the country, The Coffee Club has great coffee, great food and offers the perfect location to relax. Located on level two, next to Westpac, if you are ever looking for amazing meal choices and great coffee, make sure not to pass them up!


From Caramel Macchiatos , Mocha Java Chip Frappuccinos, to your classic latte — you name it, Starbucks has it. Nestled on level 2, just next to Event Cinemas, Starbucks is your classic coffee stop if you are looking for a quick coffee before your movie or a destination to relax with your friends and family.