The art of de-cluttering


The art of de-cluttering

We're all guilty of a little (or a lot) of clutter. However, the great news is that you're likely just a few rattan baskets and glass storage jars away from that minimalistic aesthetic you've always dreamed of. Allow us to take you on the journey of decluttering and organising the key areas of your home. You'll be channeling your inner Marie Kondo well before the spring clean urge hits this year.

Your kitchen

Ah the kitchen... the home of food, utensils, containers and all those other niggly little items you've somehow accumulated but don't quite know where to place. Thankfully kitchens are full of drawers and a pantry to hide everything away, however, opening those pantry doors can sometimes be frightening. That’s where storage containers, jars, and dividers come into their own!

Kmart have storage containers of all shapes and sizes. From spices to teas, these storage and organisation options will help you create the ultimate dream pantry.

Image source: Howards Storage

This brings us to glass jars. These are great for storing baking goods as well as dry ingredients such as pasta, rice and beans. They not only lend a rustic, country-style vibe to your space, but make it easy to see what’s inside and find exactly what you’re looking for. Check out Kmart or Farmers for some great options.

Top tips:

  • Add labels to your jars and containers. Labelling not only helps you find everything you need but also makes it look clean and organised. You can find the perfect pre-made labels from Kmart
  • Next comes colour co-ordination, stack and organise your jars and containers in colour order or in groups of hues.
  • Finally, if you really want to step it up, when adding items to jars particularly stackable items like cookies, try not to just empty them in. Instead, stack them up on top of each other or face the items to the outside of the jar to create a pattern.

Your bedroom

Moving on to the bedroom. Large or small, it’s nice when everything has a home. Whether you like your items on display or prefer them tucked away, there’s an abundance of stylish, versatile storage solutions at Farmers. When it comes to bedroom storage, baskets are your best friends, as they're perfect for minimising clutter. From dirty laundry to throws, cotton pads to hair accessories, baskets not only look great but will keep things organised (and potentially off the floor!). The best part about them? They can be stored in your wardrobe, under your bed or better yet, displayed on shelves for a decorative touch. Visit Kmart or Farmers for a wide range of basket styles to suit your home.

Image credit: Kmart

Top tips:

  • When organising your drawers and baskets, try using dividers to split the space into sections. This will not only assist with keeping them neat and tidy, but help you find everything easily.
  • If you are finding it hard to keep the clothes in your wardrobe de-cluttered, it's time to purchase tiered hangers. You can get these from Kmart, they will not only save you space but time.
  • Finally, do yourself a favour and pick up tips from the ultimate de-clutter queen, Marie Kondo.

Your living room

The heart of the home. With so many people coming and going, it’s no wonder that these spaces attract clutter. However, with a few nifty storage hacks, you’ll have these areas looking magazine editorial-worthy in no time.

Let’s start with ladder shelves! Kmart have great versions of this trendy storage display. They allow you to show off the beautiful throws you have while also keeping them stylishly in place in an oh-so-nonchalant chic kind of way. You're just one artful fold away from using your humble waffle knit as a decorative piece.

Image Source: Bed Bath N Table

Bowls and trays are perfect for storing remotes, hand creams, nail files and other bits and pieces away for that everything-in-its-place sense of relief we all aspire to. Bonus - you'll also know exactly where they are at all times. Visit Bed Bath N Table to shop a range of different options.

Top tips:

  • When purchasing your furniture for the space, try and find some items that have built-in hidden storage. This will help you future proof the room by giving you additional space to organise and hide knick-knacks that are acquired over time.
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