Winter woolies for kids


Winter woolies for kids

Don't let the cold weather stop your kids from going outside and enjoying what winter has to offer. Just add a few extra items to their outfit and they will be off! By adding a jumper and a few other winter accessories, you'll be able to make a lot of their autumn outfits winter-appropriate without spending a fortune.

Jumpers and cardigans

From cute to fashionable, there are so many options for kids' jumpers and cardigans and we are only bound to see more with winter upon us. The key to staying warm in winter is layering, so opt for a long sleeve top paired with a jumper or cardigan, and then bring out a coat or jacket if it's extra chilly. That way, if the kids start getting too hot, they can take off layers.

Pictured on the left from the top: Foil star poncho from Seed Heritage, Mini flock star cardigan from Country Road, Quilted Cotton Cardi from Esprit, Faux Fur Jacket from Withcery and Faux Fur Cuff Coatigan from Witcher.

Pictured on the right from the top: Shawl knit cardigan from Country Road, Gost Wolf Sweat from Country Road, Striped Sweater from Country Road, Textured Sweater from Witchery,Striped Cardigan from Esprit and Boys Cardigan from Witchery

Scarves and beanies

Once you find the perfect scarf, beanie and gloves your kids love, you'll never turn back! Whether it's a visit to the shops or even out to lunch or to the park, these winter accessories will keep them snug as a bug.

Pictured on the left from the top: Colour block snood from Seed Heritage, Heart knit beanie from Country Road, Metallic Rib tights, Heart knit scarf from Country Road, Pompom hat from Country Road, Colour block gloves from Seed Heritage.

Pictured on the right from the top: Speckle knit beanie from Country Road, Speckle knit scarf from Country Road, Gloves from KMART, Animal socks from Country Road, Knit hat from Zara, Hungry lizard socks from Seed Heritage and Fuzzy Eyebrow beanie from Seed Heritage




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