Hot lips: 10 tips for wearing bright lipstick like a pro


Hot lips: 10 tips for wearing bright lipstick like a pro

Ever complained that you can't pull off bright lip? That you're just not a "lipstick person"? You've accepted the fact and stick to what you're good at: neutrals. But have you ever considered that maybe you're just wearing the wrong shade, the wrong vibrancy, the wrong formula?

We believe everyone suits a bold lip - it's just about finding the right one. So you can't wear bright red like your blonde bestie, but have you ever tried a bold berry?

Here, we give you our top 10 tips for navigating the world of luxe lipsticks. We guarantee that, with a bit of experimentation, you'll be pushing those neutrals to the back of the makeup drawer!

Let your skin, hair and eye colour choose the right shade.

If you really feel you can't pull off a bold lip, chances are your reaching for the wrong shade. Did you know your skin, hair and eye colour can guide you into a colour that suits you best? Do some research and start experimenting with different lipsticks in-store before committing to one.

Keep the rest of your makeup neutral - your lips are the star!

Contrary to popular belief, bold lipstick is actually a great choice if you're in a mad morning rush. Why? Because you get to skip all that other time-consuming makeup! Keep it au naturale with dewy foundation or BB cream, a sweep of bronzer, filled-in brows and a light layer of mascara for extra fluttery lashes. Your pout is the only thing that will be in focus this time!

Pictured, left to right: Bobbi Brown Brow kit from Farmers, Industrial strength concealer from Benefit Albany and Farmers, Bronzer from M.A.C., Urban Decay Mascara from Mecca Maxima, Contour Palette from M.A.C., Skin Illusion Foundation from Clinque and Farmers stores.

Match your lipstick to your #ootd. Or don't.

There are two ways you can pair bright lipstick to your outfit and we love both of them. Firstly, you can use a pop lip to add punch to a simple look (think black, white, neutral or monochrome). Secondly, you can use it to really style a busy look. Choose a colour from your outfit and wear the same shade on your lips.

Experiment with a completely new shade (read: not red!)

Just because you think red doesn't suit you, doesn't mean all bright lipsticks don't suit you. In 2018, we're spoilt for choice when it comes to makeup - we have more brands, colours and formulas to choose from than ever before! Take advantage by trying a completely new shade, like purple or blue (gasp!)

Ease into it with jewel-toned shades.

If the idea of traffic-stopping lips sends you into a spin, might we suggest easing into it with an easy-to-wear jewel-toned shade instead? Fashion stylists often recommend jewel tones to those that want to incorporate more colour into their wardrobe, without going too crazy. The same applies to makeup! Opt for a deep berry or ruby lipstick before graduating to the brighter shades.

Play with varying formulas to find the one for you

Matte, glossy, creme, stain, pigment, powder, balm, crayon, mousse... With so many consistencies and formulas on the market, it can be tricky to find the one for you. Our advice? Get a professional makeup artist's opinion in-store - they will assess your skin type and what your lips need to ensure a long-lasting colour that suits you.

Repeat after us: lipsticks are an investment

While there is a plethora of amazing lipsticks on the market for every budget imaginable, sometimes you just can't go past a luxe version. If you're new to the bright lipstick game, start here. You'll be greeted with beautiful formulas, flattering shades and long-lasting, good-quality colour.

Pictured, left to right: Lancome Lip Gloss from Farmers, Urban Decay Lipstick from Mecca Maxima, YSL Lipstick from Farmers, Estee Lauder Lip Gloss from Farmers, Benefit cheek and lip tint from Benefit Albany and Farmers, Clinique lip gloss from Clinique and Farmers stores.

Don't skip on the prep, prime and line

Ever swiped on your lipstick in the morning, only to look in the mirror at midday and get the fright of your life? Dry, flaky skin and smudged or bleeding lipstick is usually a sign you haven't prepped your lips well enough before application. You can avoid this by using a good quality lip scrub to exfoliate, then applying a lip primer to act as a barrier between the product and your lips. Don't forget to line your lips too, unless you want the colour venturing outside of the lines.

Still not sure? Trial it for 10 minutes first

So you've taken the leap and applied bright lipstick. Go you! If you're still feeling a bit self-conscious and don't know if you're pulling it off, a good trick is to wear it around the house for 10 minutes. Like a new hair colour, it can take some getting used to! Once you're dressed and ready to go, look again. You might be surprised to find you've warmed up to your new look.

Remember, it's only lipstick

At the end of the day, there's really only one thing to keep in mind: it's only lipstick. The worst thing that could happen is you'll need to wipe it off and that's why makeup wipes were invented, right?

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