Achieve a mega spring clean in 3 easy steps


Achieve a mega spring clean in 3 easy steps

Are the fresh smells of spring igniting an uncharacteristic motivation to clean something? Even if they're not (that's also completely okay!), the easy-as-1,2,3 nature of this spring cleaning guide may awaken vacuuming urges that have been laying dormant since winter 2013. Give yourself some credit, it was cold (some of the time) and moving was hard (most of the time). But with the vibrant start of sunshine-filled days, giving your living quarters, work desk or even your car a thoughtful makeover is guaranteed to have you excited for brighter days to come.

1. The mean clean

Like ripping off a Band-Aid, just jump in here. Press play on some music, make it loud and wear something comfortable that won't get in the way while you pursue dust in awkward places.

You'll need:

  • Microfibre cloths: Potentially the handiest cleaning item you have around. These little timesavers are specially designed to be re-usable and work a lot harder than regular cloths due to their tiny fibres which are designed to clean on microscopic scale (thus the name). It's also worth making sure you have a microfibre cloth designed for glass, which can be used on mirrors, doors and appliances for crystal clear, streak-free magic.
  • Vacuum cleaner: Stick vacuums are the best choice for small spaces as their cordless design makes them incredibly convenient to whip out at any time. They can run for around 30 minutes without recharging.
  • Cleaning products: You don't need a cabinet full – a decent floor cleaner, disinfectant and surface spray should do the trick. Alternatively, make your own mix using lavender, tea tree or eucalyptus essential oil mixed with some water and vinegar.


  • Dust trinkets, vases, picture frames and high surfaces such as the top of cupboards and shelves that get neglected in weekly cleans.
  • Wipe and clean all mirrors and glass.
  • Put a bowl of water into your microwave and oven and cook until steam fills the cavity, which helps loosen grime and grit. Now scrub and disinfect with vinegar.
  • Vacuum and consider using vacuum attachments to get into couch crevices and kitchen cupboard corners.
  • Wipe all built-ins.
  • Mop.
  • Clean the shower and bath.

2. Organise your world

Your home hopefully now rakes in a top score on the hygiene front, but it still may not quite
resemble the rejuvenated haven you envisioned upon starting. We're not done yet (sorry). This bit's important, and can have a pretty major impact if executed with a little perseverance and a touch of creativity.

Do a walk around and take note of bulging cupboards, loose items and disorderly systems that are supposed to make life easier but actually do zero (this would be invisible shoe boxes in my case). Think about how you use your home each day, items you reach for most and pathways to and from things. Dull? Far from it – you're about to revolutionise everyday life.

Create a systematic home for things like makeup, tidy cords and keep them away from feet with multi cord organisers, and store away things that are no longer needed from winter like doonas, thick jumpers and electric blankets.

3. Use your common scents

Make a cup of tea and give yourself some verbal praise. Your place is now a soothing blank
canvas on which you can project all sorts of fresh smells, new artwork or interior updates. Before you get tired and nap, consider completing this final step and grab some candles, scented reeds or mix a few drops of your favourite essential oils into a diffuser and scent the place out.

Lastly, invite in some green in the form of friendly, low-maintenance house plants that help to reoxygenate air and bring the outside in.

Welcome to spring heaven – courtesy of you.

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