Where to get your chocolate fix


Where to get your chocolate fix

If you're a chocoholic looking for an excuse to indulge, we have you covered at Westfield St Lukes.

Where to get your chocolate fix

For a bit of inspiration we've put together a list of the best chocolate destinations.

Why not try out Starbucks signature hot chocolate? Chocolate and dairy milk, steamed together to create a hot chocolate fit for a chocaholic! Topped with whipped cream and dusted with cocoa.

Specialise in Belgian and Whittakers hot chocolates/mochas. Enjoy hand crafted chocolates along with a delicious selection of dessert options.

T2 offer a selection of luscious chocolate teas. Their signature is the Hot Choc Tea, a decadant black tea that includes an extra choc hit with a sprinkle of cacao nibs, cocoa husks, chocolate drops and a dusting of cacao powder.

Luke's Cafe
Luke's Cafe has a fantastic selection of your favourite chocolate drinks and desserts; chocolate mud cake, chocolate brownie and of course their signature hot chocolate.

New Zealand Natural
Made right here in NZ with the freshest, finest quality ingredients. Why not try a NZ Natural chocolate ice cream this World Chocolate Day.

Beard Papas
Beard Papas have fresh chocolate cream puffs which are all hand made in store.

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