Dude food: boy’s night out just got so much tastier


Dude food: boy’s night out just got so much tastier

Time to get the boys together for a night out with good food, drink and company! No excuses needed, boy’s night out should be a regular occurrence in the diary. Who doesn’t love a delicious feed downed with a nice cold beverage? There’s plenty of options to please the entire group, whether your mates are meat eaters, prefer lighter options or looking for vegetarian alternatives, round up the boys for a great selection of dude food that's sure to please the entire squad.


Who doesn’t love a good burger? Burgers come in various shapes, flavours and fillings, there’s really something for all the boys. Stay true to a classic beef burger if that’s your thing or opt for fried chicken for something juicy. If you’re looking for a vegetarian option, ask if a mushroom burger is on the menu. Need a healthy choice? Don’t let a night out of burgers with the boys deter you! Simply request a lettuce bun instead of a bread bun and save those carbs for something else, dessert maybe?

Image by Niklas Rhöse on Unsplash


Steak is the ultimate dude food for those who love their meat. Whether you prefer a T-Bone or a Rib Eye, like your steak medium rare or well done. Don’t forget the mouth-watering sides that accompany a great steak or a glass of red for that matter. Pair your steak with mash potato, fries or salad for a light option.

Image by rawpixel.com from Pexels


Who doesn’t love a hot steaming dumpling? Get the boys together to share a few rounds of tasty dumplings and wontons. Dumplings come in various fillings so this one's sure to please the vegetarians and pescatarians of the group.

Image by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

Pizza and pasta

If the guys are in the mood for an abundance of toppings, lava like cheese masterpieces or saucy bolognese, then have a few rounds of Italian pizza and pasta perfection. Add some cocktails or beers into the mix and call it a party!

Image on left by Vitchakorn Koonyosying on Unsplash, image on right by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

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