Merino wool for yoga


Merino wool for yoga

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Combining mindfulness and physical exercise, yoga is the perfect way to calm the mind while toning the body. It has become particularly popular amongst women seeking a more holistic lifestyle. Yoga’s rise in popularity has also seen a boom in brands selling various forms of yoga wear and additional gear and Merino wool’s long list of remarkable qualities has seen numerous brands incorporate it into their various yoga-inspired products.


One of the most important features of yoga outfits is that it allows the body to comfortably maintain each pose without interfering or breaking concentration. Because yoga is incredibly physical it requires workout gear that can withstand the long stretches, poses and stresses that the body goes through.

Merino wool’s elasticity means it will bend and flex with women’s bodies without losing its original shape in the long term. And Merino’s extreme softness will also help provide extra comfort, allowing you to maintain focus on your pose.

Heat regulation

Merino wool has a high breathability, which helps regulate the body temperature and keep women cooler.

Merino can absorb up to 35 per cent of its dry weight in moisture while still feeling dry to touch. These high absorbent properties help prevent sweat from collecting on the skin and making you feel clammy, keeping the body dry and comfortable.

Odour neutralising

Bacteria in sweat are the cause of odours that can build up in active wear. Dressing in yoga-wear made from Merino wool can help prevent unwelcome smells.

Merino wool has natural properties that minimise unpleasant odour molecules, and its ability to absorb large amounts of moisture vapour reduces the presence of sweat on the skin. This keeps Merino wool clothes smelling fresher for longer than either cotton or synthetic outfits, and easier to clean.


Natural fibres, in general, are preferred for activities such as yoga for their comfort and breathability.

Merino wool is a 100 per cent renewable fibre. Made of organic proteins – similar to the sort found in human hair – Merino wool is completely biodegradable and will eventually decompose, slowly releasing valuable nitrogen-based nutrients back into the earth, acting like a fertilizer.

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