Bags not: Alternatives to the plastic bag


Bags not: Alternatives to the plastic bag

In a bid to reduce the world’s plastic pollution, New Zealand’s supermarkets have committed themselves to being single-use plastic bag free by the end of 2018. Currently kiwis use 1.6 billion single-use plastic bags every year!

According to “If every kiwi used one less plastic bag a week, we’d reduce the number we use every year by 250million”. Most kiwis are environmentally conscious shoppers and are in support of this campaign to help preserve our planet for years to come. With this mammoth effort in mind, we have come up with different solutions for you to get your groceries home.

Pictured: Bags from Countdown and New World

Shopping bags don’t have to be boring either. Have some fun with design and types. We recommend using cotton bags, jute bags, paper bags or the recycled shopper bags from various supermarkets. Countdown have promised if you wear out one of their branded $1 reusable bags, bring it in store and they will replace it for free!

Pictured: Reusable bags from Kmart, muslin bag from Kmart, corgilicious bag from Cotton On, string bags from Countdown and cotton bags from Cotton On.

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