Paw-some treats fur your pet


Paw-some treats fur your pet

Looking for something special for your beloved fur baby?

Here are our tips on how you can treat your pet to the most paw-stively paw-fect treat!

1. Dine in style

We all know how much our furry little friends love meal time! Give your pet the ultimate dining experience with a stylish bowl.


Stainless Steal Pet Bowl $8

Melamine Slow Eat Pet Bowl $6

2. Purchase the purr-fect collar

Even our little freinds need to accessorise. Give them the flare they need with a cute collar to express their personality!


Cat collar $4

Keep your purring pal safe with this cute collar. It has a jingling bell to let you know when they're around.

Dog collar $6

Designed with a stylish adjustable buckle, this collar is a perfect choice to take your furry friend for a stroll!

3. Play time!

Now that your furry friend has been fed and is kitted up to go out in style, it's time to play!


Rox & Bella Plush Pet Toy, Fox $5

Great for tugs-of-war, or just the occasional chew, this Rox & Bella Plush Pet Toy will help keep your furry friend entertained for hours. It features a colourful fox shape, with a rope handle at each end, and an internal squeaker in the middle.

Rox & Bella Pet Toy Ball, Bones $5

Enjoy having a kick-around with your four-legged friend, using this blue plastic ball from the Rox & Bella pet range. And when exercise is done, it doubles as a great chew toy thanks to the rope centre and cut-out bone shapes.


Pet toy basket $6

You can organise and store your pet's toys in this paw-dorable toy basket.

4. Gift them a new bed

After a big day of eating, looking good, and playing - your little one is most likely all tuckered out!


Pet day bed $49

Create a cosy and comfy spot for your darling pet with this large day bed.

Medium Round Pet Bed $5

Create a cosy space for your furry friend to relax or enjoy a nap with this round bed.

Quilted Cat Igloo $15

Bring home this quilted cat igloo and give your furry friend a cushy little spot to cuddle up in.

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