L'OCCITANE supports UNICEF - fighting against avoidable blindness


L'OCCITANE supports UNICEF - fighting against avoidable blindness

Join us and UNICEF as we help 1.7 million children to fight against avoidable blindness!

L'OCCITANE prides itself on making high-quality products that engage all the senses, but we're also committed to preserving one of these precious senses: vision.

We've had eye care in our sights for the past two decades since our founder Olivier Baussan first decided to put Braille on our labels in 1997. Every year we sell a new solidarity product, the profits of which are dedicated to fighting avoidable blindness.

L'OCCITANE believes every child deserves to see the world with clear eyes and this year, we are joining forces with UNICEF for a future where childhood blindness can be prevented!

Shea Butter Soft Soap 50g $8.00

1 soap = 1 year of vitamin A for 3 children to notably prevent childhood blindness.

Help us create a world where children can see all the beautiful colours nature has to offer by supporting our Solidarity Soap.

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