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Food court tabletops contributing to a circular economy

To reduce our environmental impact, Westfield Manukau is upgrading the tabletops in the food court with tops made from repurposed plastic waste from the centre.

Each individual tabletop is made of approximately 164 clear milk bottles and lids, and 18 clear plastic bottles. In total, our tabletops repurposed over 1,000 plastic bottles.

We are still in the process of upgrading all the remaining tabletops in the food court but once the project is complete, we will have upgraded 95 tables with repurposed plastic tabletops made from over 6,000 plastic bottles.

The plastic waste being used to create the tabletops would ordinarily have been recycled, but as we work to reduce our environmental impact, we are exploring opportunities to move beyond recycling and keep our materials within the circular economy.

“When I learnt that Critical Design had developed a process to repurpose plastic waste into furniture products, I was immediately keen to learn more because I was looking for a sustainable and responsible way to upgrade the tabletops in our food court.”

Darren Healy (Pictured in image on the right-hand side) - Facilities Manager at Westfield Manukau

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