Trending: The best beauty treatments to try this winter


Trending: The best beauty treatments to try this winter

If you’re a summer baby through and through, it might help to know that winter has its upsides. There’s hot chocolate, cashmere and ice skating. Oh, and the fact that many of your go-to beauty treatments actually work better when performed during the colder months. Yep, an absence of sun, heat and humidity can maximise the results of everything from laser hair removal to keratin hair straightening. Feeling better about hibernating now that there’s pampering involved? Keep reading for the best beauty treatments and products to invest in now.

Skin peels

Many brightening facials include peels – or deep exfoliation – done with acids (like glycolic, lactic and malic) or enzymes. These do incredible things for skin clarity, but can also sensitise the skin to the sun thanks to their ability to whisk away dead cells that stick to the surface layer. Because winter has lower UV levels than summer, it’s a fantastic time to schedule one in. That said, you should never skimp on sunscreen no matter the time of year - ensure you’re wearing a broad-spectrum formula daily to protect skin and maximise results.

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Or for at-home solutions, try <insert products, e.g. Dr. Dennis Gross
Alpha Beta Extra Strength Daily Peel available at Mecca, Kiehl's Pineapple Papaya Facial Scrub available at David Jones, Myer and Mecca, The Body Shop Drops of Light™ Pure Resurfacing Liquid Peel or The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% + HA 2% available at Myer and Priceline>.

Laser hair removal

You might be getting around in jeans and joggers, but surprisingly, winter is actually the best time to start laser hair removal. That’s because both fake tan and colour from the sun can affect how well the treatment works. In fact, many technicians refuse to do hair removal on tanned skin due to a risk of burning, and if you do get laser during summertime, you aren't able to expose your skin to the sun for two weeks, which is rather inconvenient. So now is your chance! If you’d love to retire your razor one day, book your first appointment in winter, as it'll take multiple treatments 4-6 weeks apart for permanent results. It might seem a bit odd focusing on hair removal in June, but just think of it as early preparation for swimwear season.

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Skin needling

Want a shortcut to glowy skin? Professional dermaneedling might be your answer. Designed to rejuvenate the skin by creating 'microtraumas' that ultimately boost collagen production, needling can help to counteract a dull winter complexion. If you’re keen to give it a go, book an appointment over winter to keep skin looking fresh. Protect your investment by ensuring you’ve got a lineup of the best skincare products for boosting radiance on hand at home. Think: An exfoliating face cleanser, brightening eye cream and rich moisturiser.

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Or give these products a try in the comfort of your own home: Elizabeth Arden Superstart Probiotic Boost Skin Renewal Biocellulose Mask at Life Pharmacy or Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask at Chemist Warehouse.

Keratin hair straightening

Keratin straightening smooths out curly and coarse hair by chemically relaxing it. Super-effective, these salon treatments come with a laundry list of aftercare you’ll need to follow to ensure they work. Commonly, this includes not wetting or tying up your hair for three or so days. Winter makes this a little easier, but rain can pose a problem - so check the weather forecast before you book your appointment. For upkeep at home, invest in sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner, nourishing hair treatments and leave-in oils for dry hair.

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Laser for pigmentation

Another treatment best done when the sun isn’t shining is laser pigmentation removal. Procedures vary but most work by targeting brown spots, which absorb the light of the laser, breaking down the excess melanin. The pigment is then drawn to the skin’s surface and either flakes off or fades with home care products. The entire process causes sensitisation to UV rays, so again, high protection sunscreen is essential. You’ll also want to look into moisturising products geared towards dry winter skin to keep your complexion hydrated.

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Body sculpting

Body sculpting treatments are a big thing in beauty right now. There are loads of options to choose from, but most employ either cryolipolysis, low-frequency ultrasound or radio frequency to help destroy fat cells and tighten the skin. The former approach often causes redness and bruising for weeks afterwards, which is better hidden under a sweater than a strappy sundress. All three procedures take time to work, so if you’re wanting to see results in time for summer, your best bet is to start off a course of treatment during the cooler months.

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Gel manicures

There are a few reasons getting a gel manicure or pedicure over winter delivers more bang for your buck than any other time of year. For one, nails tend to get dry and brittle in the cooler months, so regular upkeep can help to ward off breakage. If you’re a beach bunny during summer, you might find your nails chip a lot quicker than you’d otherwise expect due to being immersed in water more frequently – winter solves this too. Bonus: hand and foot massage causes a boost in circulation which can bring relief from joint pain caused by the cold.

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