Rain or sleet: These 7 men’s winter jackets have you covered


Rain or sleet: These 7 men’s winter jackets have you covered

As the weather begins to cool, it’s time to start thinking about padding out your winter wardrobe. For the guys out there, it pays to make an investment in a classic winter jacket or well-made wool coat. Not only do time-tested outerwear styles (refer: puffers, trench coats, leather jackets and bombers) make anything worn underneath them look ten times more stylish, they’re also resistant to trends, so you’ll be wearing them for winters to come.

Men’s jackets and winter coats drop into stores earlier than you might think, so it’s smart to get in early and take your pick of the bunch. We’ve pulled together 7 must-know styles to inspire you to get warm and cosy.

The retro fleece

Ever wished you could just wear a blanket when leaving the house? Wish (kinda) granted. Fleece jackets manage to be cosy, but give off the same sort of rugged retro vibe as corduroy or sherpa styles. Go for the outdoorsy angle by choosing a simple zip-up fit, or choose a jumper-style pullover with a ¼ zip for the ultimate in comfort. Bright colours and prints are always fun, but this season’s neutral colour palette feels a bit more grown-up.

Try: Lower or Cotton On Mega.

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The bomber jacket

Originally designed to keep fighter pilots warm, the modern bomber jacket can be deceptively weatherproof. If water- and wind-resistance is important to you, look for styles made from durable nylon with ribbed trims. (Luxury brands also tend to offer down lining, an extra defence against almost-freezing temperatures.) Just keen on the look? This winter, you’ll find loads of options, from military-inspired to lightweight and cropped.

Try: Just Jeans.

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The puffer jacket

What was once a practical purchase meant only for wearing on the coldest days of the year, is now a fashion statement all of its own. Whether you’re into streetwear or normcore, the perfect puffer is utilitarian but still has a sense of style – you might need to try on a few to find your perfect fit. (Tip: For plus size body types, sleek designs work well.) Interested in sustainable options? Go for a natural fibre like wool or recycled polyester.

Try: Just Jeans, Cotton On Mega or Farmers.

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The parka

Somewhere between a puffer and a raincoat, you’ve got the parka. You’re probably familiar with the classic, which comes complete with a fur-lined hood, but this season you’ll find modern versions kitted out with everything from oversized pockets to sheepskin lining. While versatile, this isn’t an outerwear style we’d recommend for the office – it’s too casual and rugged-looking to wear with a sharp business suit, so keep it for the weekend.

Try: Stirling Sports or Farmers.

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The leather jacket

If the only reference you have for a men’s leather jacket is '50s Hollywood star James Dean, it’s time to revisit this age-old style. Cut into moto styles, blazers or bombers, classic leather jackets have an undeniable cool factor. For maximum longevity, invest in a brand that specialises in leather and take care to keep your new buy in good shape. Don’t eat meat? They also come in vegan ‘leather’ options, so everyone can get on board.

Try: Farmers

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The trench coat

A truly timeless fit, the classic trench coat has been going strong in the style stakes for decades. (Can’t argue with that!) These days you’ll find an endless selection of contemporary cuts – choose from full-length or three-quarter, belt or no belt, and single- or double-breasted. Whatever you go for, get your money’s worth by buying your coat in camel, navy or black; it’ll go with everything in your wardrobe, from workwear to jeans.

Try: Cotton On Mega or Yd.

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The wool pea coat

A longtime menswear staple, the pea coat was originally worn by Dutch sailors. A solid choice for men looking for something simple, yet stylish, pea coats are traditionally hip-length and double-breasted - but you’ll also find different variations of this style. Our tip? For maximum polish, seek out styles that lack the bulk and bells and whistles of other outerwear options. Bonus: A shorter cut works well during temperate Australian winters.

Try: Tarocash or Johnny Bigg.

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