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Since 1913 we've been living the outdoors every day. Every frostbitten, rain soaked wintry morning. Every glorious, wish it would never end, summer's day. Our years of experience with fabrics and fibres means we know what works.

Swanndri was the brainchild of William Broome, a tailor from New Plymouth, Taranaki, who, in 1913 saw the need for clothing that would keep outdoors men and women warm in the harsh New Zealand environment.

The original short sleeved woollen overshirt evolved in 1927 with the addition of
sleeves, a lace front and a hood, becoming the now iconic olive green ‘Swanny’. We still sell the same hard wearing style today, almost 100 years later, to hunters, bushmen and stylish urban dwellers in all corners of the globe.

Swanndri has evolved greatly over the years, and the brand has often been referred to by others as a Kiwi icon, having been featured on postage stamps, credit cards and even as an entire museum collection.

Visit Swanndri at Newmarket

09 393 8377
Level 2, See on map

Orange Car Park, Level 2, entry via Morrow Street.

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