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In this fast ever-changing world, it is difficult not to change to adapt. However, there is always something you wish will never change, and that will bring you back nostalgia and memories.

Selera is run by a bunch of stubbornly dedicated crew who firmly believe Malaysian cuisine should be served as authentic as possible. Our signature dish, Laksa, will leave your taste buds tingling and begging for more. The ever-tender Hainanese chicken rice will heighten your experience with the succulence of the chicken, and the flavourful rice will make you understand why Malaysians indulge in their chicken rice. Don’t forget to try our aromatic Nasi Lemak, the coconut rice is sinfully scrumptious and the richness of its sambal sauce will transport you back to the warmth and delights of Southeast Asia.

At Selera, we can help your taste buds find their long lost excitements!

Visit Selera at Newmarket

Level 3, Across Level 3 Air Bridge to EaterySee on map

Green Car Park, Level 3, entry via Mortimer Pass express ramp

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What’s happening

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