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Introducing where play meets performance at Westfield Riccarton

It used to be that leggings and crop tops were solely reserved for working out – not anymore. It’s safe to say that in 2022, athleisurewear has become a key part of every fashion-lover’s wardrobe.

The perfect marriage between form and function, athleisurewear also has versatility on lock. With a few clever styling tricks up your sleeve, athleisurewear can take you from barre to brunch and even to the boardroom. (Yes, really.)

Not a regular at the gym? No matter. Our increasingly busy lives call for clothes that allow you to be at your best, wherever you’re going. Comfortable but stylish, athleisurewear is a great choice whether you’re getting in a workout or just getting groceries. At Westfield Riccarton, where play meets performance, there’s plenty on offer.

From performancewear (think: compression bike shorts and moisture-wicking tanks) to lifestyle apparel (sneakers, sweatshirts and more), it’s easy to find sporty pieces that seamlessly integrate into your wardrobe.

If you’re worried about feeling sloppy or dressing inappropriately, don’t be. Ahead, we’re dissecting how to shop and style trending pieces from this fashion-forward category so you can find your perfect athelsiure fit.

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