Delicious Cadbury cocktails: perfect for the long Easter weekend


Delicious Cadbury cocktails: perfect for the long Easter weekend

By Cadbury

Drizzled chocolate, crumbed Oreo and fairy floss, these cocktails have it all! The perfect drink for long Easter weekends.

Cadbury Turkish Delight Vodka Sour


  • Cadbury Turkish Delight block
  • 40mls vodka
  • 30nls rose syrup
  • 10mls Creme de cacao
  • 15mls lemon juice
  • 30mls egg white
  • Topped with fairy floss and rose sugar glass


  1. Glaze the glass with melted Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate and leave to set
  2. Put all ingredients into a cocktail shaker and dry shake to emulsify the egg before hard shaking with ice
  3. Top with rose fairy floss and rose sugar glass

Cadbury Oreo Vodka Martini

With a crumbed Oreo rim, topped with an Oreo cream and stuffed Chocolate Oreo, what more could you want!


  • Cadbury Dairy Milk with Oreo block
  • 30mls Creme de cacao
  • 15mls vodka
  • 1tbl spoon of Oreo dust
  • 60mls house made Cadbury Dairy Milk mouse
  • Topped with Oreo cream and chocolate glazed double decker Oreo


  1. Make Oreo dust by removing the white Oreo centres and blending.
  2. Glaze the glass with Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate and sprinkle with Oreo dust and set aside to set
  3. Melt Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate and combine with thick cream and Cadbury drinking chocolate powder and whisk until fully combined and fluffy
  4. Melt Oreo chocolate and combing with thick cream and dust into a cream whipper for topping
  5. Put all the ingredients into a shaker minus the topping cream and block and shake hard
  6. Strain and top with the cream add a double decker Oreo drizzled in dairy milk on top

Credit: Cadbury Easter Cocktails created by Sorrel Arthur, The Grounds of Alexandria
Please drink responsibly.

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