A complete guide to the best burgers at Westfield Riccarton


A complete guide to the best burgers at Westfield Riccarton

When it comes to comfort food, there’s maybe nothing more satisfying than tucking into a mouthwatering burger. Once upon a time, a burger would consist of a combination of meat, cheese, bread and sauce, but these days the options are endless. Whether you’re into fried chicken, love a classic flame-grilled patty, or much prefer a plant-based alternative, you’ll find all manner of finger-licking options at your local Westfield.

Good news – we’ve done the hard work for you. Keep reading to find your new favourite burger.

Classic cheeseburgers

Whoever invented the cheeseburger was onto something. Who knew combining simple ingredients – a meat patty, sliced cheese, sauce and a freshly baked bun – would result in a dish that’s become an American classic? Still popular today, you’ll find that every restaurant has their own individual take.

Find our favourites at McDonald's.

Image source: @mcdonaldsau

Crispy chicken burgers

The perfect way to enjoy everything from a crunchy Southern fried chicken to a classic schnitzel, crispy chicken burgers are usually filled with salad to offset the richness of the fried patty. Choose from traditional pairings like chicken, lettuce and mayo, or try a burger topped with a twist like beetroot, avocado or garlicky aioli.

Head into KFC, The Coffee Club or The Fox and Ferret for crispy chicken goodness.

Image source: @kfcnz

Image source: @thecoffeeclubnz

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