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Announcing your 2023 Westfield Local Hero

We are excited to announce Natasha Jumelet from Deaf Wellbeing Society Inc. as your 2023 Westfield Local Hero for St Lukes! Westfield is proud to award a community grant of $20K to help Natasha and Deaf Wellbeing Society Inc. to continue to grow their impact in the local community

The 2023 Westfield Local Heroes program will award 126 grants across Australia and New Zealand – totalling $1.26 million to support local communities.

Nominations for the 2024 Westfield Local Heroes program open 10 October. If you know someone who's making an impact, nominate them as a Westfield Local Hero - nominate here.

Your 2023 Westfield St Lukes Local Hero is:

Natasha Jumelet

Deaf Wellbeing Society

Empathetic. Motivated. Kind.

Empathetic Natasha Jumelet has devoted 22 years to improving the quality of life of deaf people and reducing their risk of isolation.

Natasha is the leader of the Deaf Wellbeing Society, a community organisation she co-founded 7 years ago with the sole purpose of empowering deaf people and enriching their lives.

Natasha is profoundly deaf and loves mixing socially with other deaf people. She has a degree in linguistics education and is passionate about encouraging deaf people to succeed.

Her organisation caters for a wide range of needs, with activities for elderly people, young people and those with learning disabilities. The specific interests of deaf Pacific Island and Maori people are also looked after.

The society’s services include free fortnightly arts and crafts days led by a deaf facilitator. There are also monthly cooking classes for men and women in NZSL.

To enhance mental health and reduce isolation, the society also visits deaf prison inmates and deaf residents of mainstream rest homes. Natasha is surprised and pleased to be recognised with a nomination as a Westfield Local Hero. “We help deaf community members, who are at a real risk of isolation,” she says.

The Deaf Wellbeing Society will use its grant to continue and expand its services to the deaf community.

We'd like to thank and acknowledge our finalists who will receive a $5K grant for the organisation they represent...

Joanne Armstrong from Aktive Zone

Joanne Armstrong is the Programme Lead at Aktive Zone, which gives children of all ages and abilities free movement classes that integrate culture and fun. Jo has worked hard to make the sessions culturally inclusive and has attracted a diverse range of families from different backgrounds as well as children with disability.

Tracey Watene Pirini from Fair Food

Tracey Watene Pirini works tirelessly to provide free fresh food for people in need across Auckland. Tracey is Head of Operations and Relationships at Fair Food, which provides ingredients for 34,000 meals a week. Tracy works with her team and many partners to ensure the correct food gets to where it is needed on time.

If you need support, please phone Lifeline Aotearoa: 0800 543 354

Recognising all our 2023 nominees

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