The fresh activewear trends that will get you out of bed


The fresh activewear trends that will get you out of bed

‘New year, new me’- sound familiar? This is what most of us say to ourselves when we count down the clock and watch it tick over to 12:01am on January 1st. Then by the time March rolls around, most of our fitness goals have gone out the window once life has returned to business as usual. However, over the years (and many failed resolutions later) we have discovered that one fail-safe way of ensuring you stick to your new and improved fitness goals, is to invest in the process. Starting the new year with a fresh gym outfit is a great way to motivate yourself to hang in there. We've pulled together some of the new year’s biggest activewear trends so you to plan your fitness programs alongside the hottest gear out.

The shorter the better

Whether it’s on the catwalk or the treadmill, bike shorts are still here in a big way this season. What better way to show off that new summer tan than to ditch the leggings and rock a pair of bike shorts? Pair these with either a cropped or over-sized tee.

Image via The Upside on Instagram

Impress with prints

Start the year with a bang by working a bold print in to your fitness wardrobe. Whether it be floral, paisley or animal, a punchy print will be sure to give you the motivation you need to get to that spin class on time.

Image via Izabel Goulart on Instagram

Swap the sneakers for swimmers

Trade the trainers for bathers and a towel this season for a refreshing take on the typical activewear routine. Brands such as Under Armour and The Upside are starting the year out with a dip into the world of swimwear.

Image via P.E Nation on Instagram

Peace out with pastel

Give your eyes as well as your body some sweet relief this season by mixing in some calming pastel tones to your fitness wardrobe – you will be namaste-ing your way into the new year in no time!

Image via Kelsey Wells on Instagram

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