Recipe: Halloween freakshakes


Recipe: Halloween freakshakes

We've been looking for a good excuse to create some freakshakes and what better occasion than the freakiest of holidays? Halloween!

The fun of creating freakshakes doesn’t lie in following recipes; it’s more about getting creative and seeing just how ridiculous you can be before the whole thing collapses.

After a lot of research (tough gig, right?), we have come to the conclusion that you don’t want to be topping a sickeningly sweet milkshake with all this spooky goodness – it’s just too much for anyone to handle! This is why all of these freakshakes are basically just milk and a little syrup, so you can really enjoy devouring the ghoulish treats on top.

• Milk
• Strawberry topping
• Chocolate topping
• Donuts
• A selection of colourful and creepy lollies
• Wafer straws
• Whipped cream

• Glass milk bottles
• Wooden BBQ skewers
• Permanent marker

Now it’s time to get creating!

Surprised ghost

This one is a cute idea for kids who are a bit younger and don’t really need their milk full of syrup. All you need to do is draw a ghost face on your bottle and fill it with milk. Next, top it with whipped cream, a wafer straw and some lollies on a skewer.

Bloody eyeball stew

We love this one, but agree that it looks entirely gross. To create this mess of a drink, first put your strawberry syrup in the milk bottle and let it drip all around the internal edges. Now fill it with milk up to the lower neck and top with lolly eyeballs and whipped cream. Lastly, drizzle some more strawberry syrup on top and watch it ooze down the bottle. Note: Not suitable for parents who can’t handle the mess!

Chocolate skullnut surprise

This creepy concoction is a meal in itself. All you need to do to create this mammoth snack is line a milk bottle with chocolate syrup, pour the milk in and pop a donut on top using a straw to hold it on. Stick some jelly skulls and whatever else you fancy onto the donut and enjoy!

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