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Cotton On Kids: Sea Shepherd Partnership

Cotton On Kids, Level 2

Cotton On Kids X Sea Shepherd is an exclusive collection that calls for collective action. To come together. Inspire positive change. And save our seas.

10% of proceeds from the sale of each item within this collection will go towards Sea Shepherd’s marine conservation work—helping to protect our oceanic ecosystems.

Every item is made with care from 100% organic cotton and features limited-edition graphics designed by Cotton On Kids’ in-house team.

Inspired by this exclusive collection, Cotton On Kids is saying: ‘Don’t trash where we splash’, so that we can leave our kids a world to be proud of.

With over 12 million tonnes of plastic ending up in the ocean each year, our oceans and marine life are in crisis. Cotton On Kids acknowledges that together, we have a duty to do better—for the next generation, for the planet, and every living thing on it.

That’s why Cotton On Kids is so excited to be partnering with Sea Shepherd to support their mission to defend, conserve and protect marine wildlife and the world’s oceans.

Beyond this, Cotton On Group has enforced The Good—a movement to create meaningful change and channel their focus towards the things that matter most. It’s their work in building sustainable futures and protecting their people and the planet.

From the way they do business to the way they approach their partnerships, The Good is part of who they are. Cotton On Group acknowledges their responsibilities as a global fashion retailer to lead by example, including through their Ethical Sourcing Program and sustainability efforts. And there’s nothing they love more than partnering with their customers to drive change in the areas that mean the most to them.

Interested in reducing plastic use as a family? Try this:

#1 Join a toy library Less plastic, more savings. Bonus points for wooden toys.

#2 Plan a trash treasure hunt Head to your local beach with the fam. Spend time together, Do Good together.

#3 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle That old candle container? Now a great paint brush holder. Think out of the box.

Plastic waste is polluting our oceans and threatening marine wildlife; but it’s not too late to be the change we want to see. Do good, wear good, and feel (really) good.

Cotton On Kids

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