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Our Environmental Story

Westfield Newmarket will open with a range of technology and innovation to support the environmental objectives of reducing water and landfill.

Initiatives include:

• LED lighting
• Smart water metering
• Building management system
• Reticulation tanks
• Living walls
• Recycled building materials

Westfield Reduce

We have developed Westfield Reduce at Newmarket, demonstrating our commitment to best-practice waste management.

Working alongside environmental partners, EnviroNZ, we have plans in place to reduce as much waste diverted to landfill as possible.

Initiatives include:

• Coffee recycling stations
• First-to-market coffee cup recycling programme
• Plant-based retailer packaging promotion
• Recycling bins centre-wide
• Organic waste recovery programme
• Waste sorting operations
• Sustainability-focused staff training

Newmarket Guest Services

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