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Gong Cha

Gong Cha was founded in Kaoshiung, Taiwan in 2006. It was modelled after the popular Taiwan-style bubble tea shops so commonly seen along the streets. Gong Cha is the fastest growing tea brand in Australasia with over 600 stores across Asia, USA, Australia and now in New Zealand.The term ‘Gong Cha’ originates from a practice in ancient China dating back even before 1000 BC. It was a tribute, or an offering of tea to the emperor, and was a collection of the best quality tea selected from throughout the realm.

Today, we at Gong Cha want all our customer to feel like royalty, and will only serve the best quality beverages. Gong Cha NZ aim to serve our customers the best quality tea and beverages which all need to meet our standard operation criteria. We believe in offering natural, healthy, freshly brewed tea and beverages with a refreshing taste. We only use the high quality tea leaves in our drinks and carefully extract the tea leaf at the same temperature. We brew our teas freshly in our Gong Cha outlets to ensure the freshness and flavourful in every cup of tea. Enjoy any one of our teas, coffees or juices, with a wide selection of flavours there is something for everyone.”

Visit Gong Cha at St Lukes

09 218 8637
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